Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


All Packages Come With:

  • All Condiments Appropriate for your Package
  • All Tableware
  • A Choice of Two Sides
  • Rye Bread or Irish Soda Bread with Butter

Packages are Priced Per Person (Based on 40 or More Guests)

Corned Beef and Cabbage Hot Sliced Corned Beef Brisket with Beer Boiled Cabbage and Carrots$26
Shepherd’s Pie Seasoned Beef with Peas and Carrots in a Light Gravy Topped with Creamy, Oven-Browned Mashed Potatoes and Cheddar Cheese$19
Fish and Chips Fresh Atlantic Cod Pieces with Hearty Steak Fries, Malt Vinegar, Tartar Sauce, and Lemon$19
Bangers and Mash Irish Sausage and Champ (Irish Mashed Potatoes) with Stout Gravy$17

Package Sides (Choose 2)

  • Boiled Potatoes
  • Creamed Cabbage
  • Champ
  • Baby Carrots in a Honey Tarragon Glaze
  • Mushy Peas
  • Irish Potato Casserole
  • Colcannon


Irish Apple Cake with Custard Sauce – A tender soft cake loaded with apples and drizzled with custard sauceServes 12 $30
Irish Cream Cheesecake – Cool & Creamy with the Smooth Taste of Irish Cream10″$44
Individual Vanilla Shamrock Cakes – Filled with chocolate mousse and dipped in chocolate ganacheTray of 8$38

You May Also Like to Add:

  • A Tray of Corned Beef Sloppy Joes
  • Tray of Cold Corned Beef Sandwiches (on Rye with Mustard)

Please call for pricing


Corned Beef and Cabbage Egg Rolls In a flaky wonton wrapper with Russian Dressing for dipping12$29
Shepherd’s Pie Potato Skins Traditional filling of ground beef, peas, carrots, and onions in a baked potato skin topped with cheddar cheese12$33
Mini Reuben Cups All the flavor and texture of a reuben in mini wonton cups24$35
Irish Grilled Cheese Bites  Irish Cheddar, butter and herbs all melted together on grilled white bread triangles24$40


DishHalf PanFull Pan
Boiled Potatoes Yukon Gold potatoes in the jackets with butter and parsley$22$38
Champ ~ Irish Mashed Potatoes Made with scallions and LOTS of butter$32$60
Baby Carrots with Honey and Tarragon Tender baby carrots glazed with honey and tarragon$40$75
Mushy Peas Soft green peas in butter and cream$27$47
Irish Potato Casserole Shredded potatoes with onions, eggs and butter baked and topped with bubbly melted cheese$27$47
Colcannon A Creamy dish with potatoes, onions, cabbage and bacon$28$48

À la Carte Entrée

DishHalf PanFull Pan
Corned Beef and Cabbage Hot sliced corned beef brisket with beer boiled green cabbage and carrots and potatoes$120$235
Shepherd’s Pie Seasoned beef with peas, and a light gravy topped with creamy oven browned mashed potatoes and cheddar$65$125
Fresh Atlantic Cod with Malt Vinegar, Tartar Sauce and Lemon Fresh Atlantic Cod pieces with hearty steak fries$90$175
Bangers and Mash Irish sausage with Champ and Stout Gravy$45$85

You might also like:

  • Irish Soda Bread – $20

Veggie Burgers

Vegetarian Considerations

Veggie Burgers can be added to any package upon request.
There will be no charge for up to 10 Veggie Burgers.
Over 10 Veggie Burgers will be charged $2.05 each.
You must specifically ask for Veggie Burgers to be added to your quote.
Also, consider some of our vegetarian friendly add-ons.

Full-Service Event Information

All full-service events include all cooking and serving equipment (serving tables w/red & white checked linens, five foot charcoal grills, chafing dishes with sterno, salads on ice, serving spoons and tongs, and a 10’x10’ pop-up tent to cover the food.)

An additional charge is added to all full service events to cover the costs involved (serving equipment, chafing dishes, sterno, etc). Please note that this is NOT a gratuity. Our staff works hard to make your event a success and are very appreciative of your gratuity.

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